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Thread: Meopta meopro 6.5x32 binoculars

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    Meopta meopro 6.5x32 binoculars

    Back in the spring I was looking for a mid range pair of binoculars for woodland stalking to replace my ageing Zeiss Jena's. A trip to the BASC Gamekeepers fair found me walking onto the Meopta stand with pound notes in my back pocket and an urge to part with them should the right moment arise. I'd heard pleasing testaments to the quality of the glass used by Meopta and so after trying them out and twisting the salesman's arm, I walked off of the stand with a pair do Meopro binoculars.

    As I am an infrequent stalker, going out when time allows, I have used the binoculars only once since buying them for stalking and perhaps four additional times spotting the wild boar across the valley from my cottage. I suppose 'hardly used' neatly sums up their use.

    Therefore it came as an unwelcome surprise that the plastic cap that covers the focusing wheel dropped off into my hand last week, no bump, not dropped, no hard twist or turn, just fell apart. I telephone the main UK agents who asked me to return the binoculars, at my expense to them where they would send me back a new pair when they had the same model in stock.

    Obviously I was keen to point out to the nice lady on the phone that after parting with 350 I hadn't expected the cap to be 'stuck on' with a pin ***** of glue and that I found this all a bit worryingly shoddy. She retorted that all main manufacturers did the same.

    Has anyone else had a similar problem as I'm considering asking for my money back.

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    I have a pair of MeoStars and have nothing but praise for them.
    But they are proper Meopta's made in the Czech Republic, the home of Meopta.


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