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Thread: To bling up a trophy

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    To bling up a trophy

    In my village there is a man who is a full time church restorer and I have asked him to apply very thin gold leaf decoration to one of my roe skull mounts. He said it should not be too difficult to do as he is doing complex shapes on a daily basis.
    Is this too tacky for you? I have never seen it done before. Me and my crazy ideas.

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    Completely and utterly bling, but if well done should look good. Better than yellowy old decaying skull. You could go one better and have it covered in diamonds ala Damien Hurst.

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    Thats what gave me the idea, but a diamond encrusted skull mount is out of my pay scale.
    In best Tutankamun style it will never lose the sparkle.

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    BB might be a nice idea to do a gold silver and bronze to match the medals.
    Gold leaf is not cheap and even gold size for its application is expensive. I have used it many times in my days as a decorator and it would certainly cover a scull easy enough.

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    Just dont cover one in swarovski crystals, now that would be hideously blingy. The first time I saw the swarovski shop I went into it to look at the scopes .

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    The Taxidermist I used for my CWD had a gold medal Roe trophy cast as a bronze (or some process similar), very nice too.
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    There could be some cash in it for the right person.

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    We could put some rubies or emeralds in the eye sockets (joke).
    I think that idea for gold, silver & bronze trophies is pretty good. That would be a first.

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    Sounds ok, but gold leaf I think on my pay scale I could stretch to a tin of gold car spray.

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    The gold leaf main European production area is around Nurnberg, Germany as I saw a tv show about it over here in Germany so it is just up the road from me and it is only microns thick sheet so it appears do-able financially.

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