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    Latest Blog

    I don't post on here about my blog or other things as I can't be bothered with the criticism or put downs that some know it all members seem to come on here just to do but this I thought I would as its not about me. Please have a read and leave a comment if you wish, I don't claim to be the greatest writer but I did the best job I could!


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    I had a tear in my eye halfway through reading that as I clocked the date she was born and new what was coming in the story. That was one of the most fitting acknowledgements I have ever read and all credit to you for taking the time to write it.

    I have lost a few dogs over the years and you never forget them and their good points and bad, although the bad points now make you smile whereas at the time they made you swear!!!

    My Springer went a very similar way to yours aged 8 years and she also let me know when she had had enough. She sat in the car with me all the way to where I had chosen to finish life without lifting her head lifting from my lap as she was allowed to sit on the front seat next to me for her final journey. She knew...

    P.S Ignore the critics. They are the least knowledgeable. That's why the write, because they cannot do...
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    Very well written piece - as Jamross said, it brings a tear to the eye. I have an 11 year old Lab who has been brilliant, but can't do much work now due to arthritis in one foreleg; she is happy wandering around the garden, and still has a healthy appetite (typical Lab). I dread the day when the decision has to be made, it will hit me very hard.

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    Well written article, I also know what it feels like to lose an old friend, unfortunately they are here but for a short time.

    As the previous poster said ignore the critics, for every one who finds fault there will be many more who appreciate.

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    What a great piece.. Really enjoyed reading that thanks for sharing matt


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    A nice article Matt and just like the others have mentioned it brought back memories of some of my previous pals and a tear to the eye. I shall have to read the rest of your blog now, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    very well written.i had a springer named bob which i got when i started as a keeper.Very similar story i was gutted when we had to part ways.i hav a ten month old lab now grate dog but he is no bob.

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    Thank you all for the very kind comments, Sika was a joy to be around and it was a rather difficult blog to write. Time to start another chapter and create some new memoires without forgetting the old ones.


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    That was beautifully written and very emotional. Sika sounds like she was a joy to own and lovely addition to your family.
    My old Border Collie is getting to the stage of "letting us know" and I'm dreading it. Luckily, the love and joy dogs bring into our lives outweighs the time we have to say Goodbye to them.

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