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Thread: Stalking on Skye

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    Stalking on Skye

    Just got back from a few days on Skye. We had most weather this morning, rain, sun, hail and wind; but still beautiful! I was wondering, does anyone know of any stalking that takes place on Skye? I ask because it doesn't seem to be much referred to in hotels as it is elsewhere in Scotland.

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    Skye Stalking

    try this

    OOPS wrong ISLAND

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    Re: Skye Stalking

    Quote Originally Posted by dieseldan
    is on Islay!


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    For all the nice ground there is on Skye there isnt a huge head of deer on the island (not compared to the mainland anyway). There are two estates on the sleat peninsula (the south end of the island) who let organised stalking, they are the Clan Donald Lands Trust, and Fearrann Eilean Iarmain (Isleornsay estate). Recently there was a sporting lease advertised in the press for Glendale estate which is in the north west of the island. Forest Enterprise are also worth a go.

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    Skye stalking

    I was born and raised on Skye and managed a lot of the FC and stalking leases on the island since the early 90s. There's not a lot of commercial stalking to be had on Skye and what's there is hard won with few beasts.

    FC and SNH hammered a lot of the beasts since the 90s to make way for the large regeneration plots. I used to take parties out for FC, usually Germans and Italians, but it was always a struggle to get them beasts. Due to the difficulty of the terrain and large forestry blocks it's just a b#gger to get a client into beasts. You're far better off trying mainland estates overlooking Skye. Better value for money. But Isleornsay Estate is a bonny bit of ground and they will probably be able to offer guided stalking.

    You need to be really fit for a lot of Skye. Hard ground.

    Best of luck.

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    Thank you folks for that comprehensive response. It is interesting how areas develop differently.
    I will concentrate my efforts elsewhere but keep an eye on Skye.

    I need to work on the fitness for sure. Last Roe Doe I had to drag back up a considerable incline; got to the top and sounded like an asthmatic bulldog!


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    Hi, know your post was a looong time ago but the Isle of Rona, overlooking Skye (and with some of the best views of Skye you'll ever get) now operates stalking packages - our ad is under deer stalking opportunities!

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