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Thread: Wanted - 10,000+ Acres of free deer shooting, 10 minutes from my house, all 6 species

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    Wanted - 10,000+ Acres of free deer shooting, 10 minutes from my house, all 6 species

    Wanted: 10,000+ Acres of free deer shooting please, all 6 species is a must. No trophy or cull fees either. Goat and Wild boar also essential.

    Mixure of woodland, meadows, and mountains essential.

    There should be regularly spaced enclosed (and heated in winter) shooting platforms complete with either mini-bar or beer-wench and actual bar.

    Entire perimeter must be patrolled by volunteer ex SAS mercenary's to ensure no poachers, mountain bikers, or dog walkers.

    In the even of rain there should be a hover-shelter (with stealth mode) to silently follow me around when I go for a stalk.

    At night a team of forresters will arrive to maintain the woodland and meadows.

    Bikini-clad supermodels should greet me at the end of every shoot to gralloch and process my kills.

    All of the above should be 10 minutes or less from my house in Chichester, though may consider it if a little further (15 minutes).

    There may be a fiver in it for anyone who can provide the above.


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    That made me smile..... good luck looking for that!!!

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    Thought it all sounded reasonable till you mentioned the bikinis. Bit cold for that I would have thought.

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    There was an ex DDR refugee in Neumarkt, Germany who set up KAGO wood burning stoves and eventually had 9000 workers, he even built a new castle affair and had a hunting reserve added to it with high seats with bars included for entertaining guest/customers.
    The whole thing went pear shaped when the German inland revenue did a hit on him and found 2x skorpion machine pistols in his office. Automatic jail offence, but he told them - if I go to jail then 9000 jobs will go so he ended up paying a huge fine and gave the company to his son.
    Thats the only "doe box off license" I know of.

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    Hope you don't mind I've copied and pasted your post to my christmas wish list, although being from yorkshire I'm only prepared to pay a couple of quid would feel a little stretched to go to a fiver

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    Its a shame you are about 1 hour from me.

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    Bunnydoom, I can full fill all your requirements and you are welcome there is only one condition first I require you to cull a couple of rogue bull elephants that are causing havoc on my ground.

    Before you try to tell me there are no elephants in this country, let my remind you that I have more elephants
    on my ground, than you have chances of finding what you are looking for.

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    That's a small request there Bunnydoom, you'd better stick it on your "wish list" !
    "let him without sin cast the first stone"

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    This thread makes me realise how fortunate I am!

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    Haha! Yeah it amazes me that there are people out there who do actually have thousands of acres of free shooting good for you guys that do - I wouldn't begrudge anyone winning the lottery so can't begrudge people having that much... that doesn't mean I won't be nursing psychotic levels of jealousy though

    Good idea about the xmas/wish lists... fingers crossed, and I'll try to hide the disappointment if it's the Rambo box set or something

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