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Thread: Scope Mount Clear out!!

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    Scope Mount Clear out!!

    Optilock 1" Stainless rings p/nS130R961
    1" ME S/S 25.4 / 26 Medium 35.5mm high 65...73mm max scope objectove outer diameter
    for Sako bases - brand new unopened - £60 posted

    Tikka p/n TK3800500
    1" Low - £25 posted

    Weaver p/n 49020
    7/8" detachable low rings - £20 posted

    Leupold QR rings
    30" Medium - £20 posted

    Leupold QR rings
    1" Super High - £20 posted

    1" one piece medium 9-11mm dovetail mounts - £15 posted

    "Sportsmatch" double clamp 1" 9-11mm High rings (clears a 56m OD Obj) - £15 posted

    1" medium to low 9-11mm single clamp mounts - £7 posted
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    Hi buddy

    what's the distance between the screw holes on the Leupold Double Dovetail bases

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    hi, 22mm centre to centre (with my crappy plastic calipers!) will try with the better ones later

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    I gather you do not wish to sell me the RAHS.5 rings from your advert here now?

    If you will I will have them for my little collection please.

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    Parker Hales 30mm now on eBay (sorry, the chance of them going for silly money to the Lee Enfield crew is too much to resist!)

    Burris Zee and Double Dovetails sold pending

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    Sako LA bases please.

    Send payment details please.
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    PM sent

    Burris, Opti bases, and laser mount all sold pending

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    udated pics and have added these to the list:

    Tikka CZ 30mm mounts 15-16mm dovetail
    10mm height
    should clear a 50mm scope depending on barrel profile
    brand new unused

    cost me $88 but I have decided to leave the 1" scope on
    £50 posted (thats less than I paid and free postage!)

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    all going on eBay tomorrow night if not sold

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    missed last night, will go on eBay tomorrow for Sunday close

    open to offers to shift them

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