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Thread: late introduction!

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    late introduction!

    Hi folks thought id better introduce myself although iv been a member for a couple of years ive been more of a reader rather than a poster!Im based in Oban Argyll and most of my spare time is devoted to stalking and fox control(or was as my wife has just gave birth to my daughter!16 years after my son)37 years old and have been involved with fieldsports since i was 12 ferrettin,air rifles then stalking/foxing bug caught me about 15 year ago and been hooked ever since.took years to get there but now 1000,s of acres at home to shoot over and plenty of chances with mates elsewhere but i started at the bottom so all newcomers take heart you,ll get there eventually!308 t3 for deer and my old tikka m55 308 re barrelled to 22/250 for foxes and hoodie crows.cheers corky

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    Oban hey! Good to see someone else in my neck of the woods. I'm near Lochgilphead.



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