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Thread: moderator obsession

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    moderator obsession

    what's the obsession with moderators? why does everyone feel they need to have one before they can even go out the door with their rifle...

    is it really 'that' great given most countries don't even allow them, or are people in the UK being led down the garden path and subsequently spending a fortune on threading, mods, and having their barrels chopped, top-heavy, potentially leading to barrel-stock touching issues, leading to more money on bedding and eventually expensive american synthetic stocks...etc. etc.

    I don't know, I'm not convinced yet... LOL

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    My experience of moderators is that the .22lr subsonic gives little sound at all and it is much reduced with the .17 HMR and .243 c/f, with the latter there is also a noticable reduction in recoil which IMO makes shooting tight groups much easier. I certainly wouldn't choose to go back to shooting without one. atb Tim

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    Just wish I had bought shares in some of the big names in moderators
    wonder what it will be next? iphone5 app stalking related.
    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    I've never been very excited about them (and, as my other thread indicates, may remain so).

    However, there are situations where they're unavoidable. Two of my bits of land have made them a condition of access, so no choice.

    I'm also already struggling with hearing loss, as a result of (i) fungal infection in childhood and (ii) unprotected shooting as a teenager. I don't like stalking with ear defence, so it seems like a sensible thing to do.

    That having been said, I can't bear to put one on my .243.

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    in my case its the differance between seeing the bullet strike of my .270 and not due to muzzel flip. Seeing the bullet strike gives you so much more confidance in your shot placment. Having said that I don't use one on my 222 or my 22



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    On my .243 it's about not having to wear ear protection (which also benefits anyone i'm out with), in addition as Tim says there's very little recoil with a moderator.

    My .22 fitted with a moderator is as quiet as my air rifle fitted with a moderator, so when shooting multiple bunny's in quick succession (or following up a shot) it gives a real advantage.

    My 17hmr is just throaty without one!

    I even have a silenced .410 shotgun!

    I like moderators because they allow me to shoot my smaller permissions without upsetting any of the neighbours

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    Quote Originally Posted by patjack View Post
    Just wish I had bought shares in some of the big names in moderators
    wonder what it will be next? iphone5 app stalking related.
    App wise there's already loads out there - bought a set of roe, fox, and rodent calls for 3 the other day... cheaper than a buttolo

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    PKL. I can't hear what you're saying. My Dad's as deaf as a post from 80 years of firing rifles, shotguns, pistols etc. I would like to keep my hearing a little longer, and I shoot better with a moderator. Regards JCS

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    interesting, I am the total opposite
    I will not put one on my .270. defeats the purpose of having an unruly , noisy barking beast of a calibre and then muzzling it! takes no time at all to pop some plugs in.
    but have one on my .222 down to .22lr/.17

    on the whole the .270 is carried all day, I find the unbalanced nature of them very uncomfortable and it ruins the balance to the point that I would not be happy taking a short range "off hand" shot with one compared to one unmoderated.

    my rimfires and .222 are not carried for more than a couple of hours.
    They are also used in close proximity to urban and residential areas

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    my reason for using them is to cut out muzzle flip / recoil I do alot of competition shooting with the shotgun
    and the last thing I want is a flinch head lifting etc .

    secondly I do quite a bit of foxing and i dont want to be causing any unwanted attention disturbance late at night

    mods work for me regards pete .

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