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    What & Why

    Hiya All

    Changing my existing setups

    1. .222 Tikka 595, Nikko-Stirling 3-9x44 30mm tube and
    2. .17hmr Sako Quad, Simmons Whitetail Classic 3.5-10x50, 1" tube

    with either:

    1. 3-15x42, 1" tube Minox or
    2. 6-20x50, 1" tube Zeiss Conquest

    What are the pros/cons?

    What would you do and why?

    Both serving well but feel a change is good........

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    My 2 bobs worth,
    Id go for a 3-9 conquest or at the most a 4.5-14. Unless your only shooting targets or long range rabbit sniping off of bags, I dont see any real point in 20 power. I have 24 power scopes on my target rifles, but I have a 4.5-14 conquest on my 260 which is a long range hitter, and a 3-9x42 Meopta on my 223, which is the ultimate dual purpose scope in my opinion. I swapped it from a 4-12 Loopy, which has more power but looking through the 30mm meopta at targets that are so clear, makes hitting them a breeze.
    BTW I love the Tikka 595s.

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    i dont know either scopes but i am looking for one on my rifle but minox has a small eye relief so check that before you buy one as i have heard some people struggle with them but the glass side is exellent i liked my bins before i left them on my car roof and decided to drive off this killed them but before this they survived a very bad car crash.
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