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    Hi all, question I've got the z6i 3-18x50 just wondering (and maybes a stupid question) when I'm zoomed into around 10-12 sight is unreal and when I'm out at 3 is v good aswell but when I seem to zoom in to say 15-18 max zoom it's very blurry, just don't see point in having the extra zoom if it makes the sight almost un useable? Is this a fault or is it normal? Just my other sights don't do this when used on max zoom in.


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    Doesn't sound right to me, with the scope you have it should be crystal clear from minimum to maximum zoom...

    A quick phone call to Swarovski should answer your query!!


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    I don't own one with such a large zoom but by the sounds of things you should send it back to Swarovski

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    send it back or if its not to old take it back to the shop.

    either way this should not be the case with a swaro.,

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    Thanks, didn't think it was right to be honest but cause there is very little time spent at max zoom I've just got on with it but will take it back to shop only couple month old. Thanks for replies.


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    Have you tried adjusting the focus control whilst on the higher magnification ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    Have you tried adjusting the focus control whilst on the higher magnification ?

    Correct, you need to tweak the focus and also the parallax at the higher mags.

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    I've not stag but I will try that next time I have it out, seems to be at it's best at 10 which is spot on but no point having the scope really and not getting proper use out of it especially for the money the things cost!!!

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    Adjust the focus at max mag then all other mags will be in sharp focus.
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    Well it appears that your problem may be yourself and not using it properly.
    As also stated by `Claret Dabbler` focus and parrallax should be adjusted.


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