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Thread: n140 load data

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    n140 load data

    just wondered if any of you chaps had any info on loads for a 80gr seirra softpoint in .243 using n140 i saw the bullets for sale at my local gunshop and i feel they would make a really good cross over bullet for fox and deer and as im already using n140 i would like to make a load up but i cant seem to find any load data on the net any help would be apreciated

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    there is an 80gr listed on the VV site under N140

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    Yeah go on lapua site and go on viht data

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    If it helps I'm using 37gns N140 under under 85gr Sierra HPBT. Good on roe and fox. The Vhit data for 80/85 gr is about I grn difference.

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    thanks for the replys chaps i did have a look earlier on the vit site but it said it was coming soon?

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    In edition 7 Vit had 41.3gr max N140 for a 80gr fmj, in edition 9 it was only 37.2gr for the same bullet?? Some difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    its there now....
    your quite right i just looked and there it was

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    I would mention that yesterday BaconButtie and I loaded up N140 over 70gr Sierra HPBT from the Lapua site. We found that the 8 loads we made up from the min to max off the site were getting louder and hotter by the 4th and on the 6th a stuck bolt with damage to the casing and a little blow back was produced.

    Only saying this as a word of caution if working off the website as the bullet manufacture stated a load lower than lapua's starting which im now going to work back to

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