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Thread: first sika update

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    first sika update

    to update you from earlier post of First Sika, sorry guys no photos.
    I had a great time up on syndicate in scotland, spent the first two mornings going through the forest looking for wallows, scrapes and thrashing signs, i found a scrape and got a lots of pine needles all over my body. i used the sceery caller ocasionaly where i felt i hadnt made to much noise and where i thought i might get a shot.

    On the evenings i sat quietly in the high seats, i never heard any sika whistles and only used mine twice just before dark. I noticed larger turds around one area but wasnt sure if they were red or sika.( i will try to upload a pic shortly if the battery on this lap top dosnt die first)
    i came home with a roe buck after a 25minute stalk to get around him, and with a feeling that i had got a better feel of what is inside that particular forest rather than just walking around it . All your advice was used and will be used again next time.

    thanks again
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    I was out tonight after sika and had some exciting stalking, though nothing got shot in the end, but I only heard one animal calling and it only did so once with a single whistle. I called back and ended up in a situation where I was in thick rushes on broken ground and had 4 deer - a hind and 3 stags in an area about 50 yards square in front of me. The rushes were mostly taller than the deer so it was pretty close quarters stalking. I got to see two of the stags and one of them only had one antler while the other just had two spikes (I've promised myself a decent sika this year if I can get a shot so wasn't shooting the smaller ones) and I got to see the tips of the antlers of the third and am pretty sure he had 8 points. However it took me probably half an hour in total to get a look at the 3 stags and it was probably only luck that got me a quick look at the antler tops of the big boy. All of this was going on around the hind who was causing me great problems as I couldn't risk winding her or her getting to see me. In then end when she did see me I was probably only 20 feet from her, maybe less, and it came as something of a shock to her. What an exciting half hour but it gives you some idea of just how sneaky sika are - even in the rut you often have to look really hard for them and then you have to work really hard for the chance of a shot only to find you are playing with the wee boys and the big boy is much too clever to give you more than a glimpse of the top of his antlers :-)
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    Next time craggy


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