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Thread: Newbie stalking

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    Newbie stalking

    Went stalking yesterday in Devon where I have permission. It's the third time I have been and was seeking a roe buck.

    Up at 4:55am and out by 5:15am. On the way up to where I was heading I noticed some horses in the first field and what looked like a deer. The sun was still rising but the binos showed it to be a red hind. I flashed over the other 'horses' before realising they were another 6 red hinds...

    Then walked about 3/4 mile up to a wood to survey the land armed with my map. About half an hour later another red hind crossed a path in front of me and stopped to assess what I was. Off it went and another 5 hinds followed. A few minutes later one more crossed the path. Later I disturbed more but didn't see them.

    No signs of any roe but it was a great morning, learnt so much just being out there. What magnificent beasts those reds are.

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    I was out yesterday evening with a great chap ive only just met off the site..
    Saw a good sized Roe buck and a good few does but did not take a shot as unhappy with the fading light i called it a day.
    Climbing down from the high seat we chatted the whole hour and a half drive home
    Still had a fantastic time in the company of a nice young gentleman and as you rightly say you can learn something everytime you go out without having taken a shot.


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