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Thread: Accommodation for a fishing holiday in the Hebrides

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    Accommodation for a fishing holiday in the Hebrides

    Some may have seen my reports on three weeks spent staying in Dollag's Cottage on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis but I thought to put an advert in here in case you might be interested in a trout or salmon fishing holiday in what is fishing paradise.

    Lewis is said to have 2000 trout lochs, though to be honest I don't think it is quite that many, but it would take years to fish them all and most trout fishing is free of charge. Good quality salmon fishing is also available by the day and ranges from free to relatively expensive. I'm not a salmon angler and only fished 3 days for salmon but had one day when I had five salmon for the day and just maybe I could have made double figures if I hadn't wandered down about lunch time and then quit in time for my dinner. I had one salmon on one of the other days and lost a fish on the remaining day. For a blog detailing my fishing exploits for the first 3 weeks of September based at the cottage take a look here:

    The attraction of the trout fishing is just the sheer number and choice of lochs available to the angler and you can fish lochs right by the road or lochs that require hours of walking. There is a great freedom to be had from spreading the maps on the floor over breakfast and picking the loch, or lochs, to be fished for the day.

    If you are looking for a fishing destination for next year then take a look at the web site and if you want more info on the fishing drop me a line. Stalking is also available on the island and can be pretty dramatic and spectacular.

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    Just a quick note to say that there are revised, and slightly increased, prices for 2013 but anyone booking before 1st November 2012 can book 2013 dates at the current prices.

    It was thought this was the best way to implement a price increase on something that people often book months in advance - it saves anyone phoning up only to find that if they had called a day earlier they might have got a slightly reduced price and, clearly, those who have already booked for 2013 will be paying the 2012 rate. It also gives reasonable warning of the increase and allows those considering booking to still take advantage of the old price.

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    Thank you Cougar, if you fish, or shoot, or stalk or just plain like being in the outdoors and enjoying days out then it really is a wonderful destination and there is almost unlimited scope for bird watching, wildlife watching, surfing, walking, archaeology and about a million things other than just the fishing and shooting. There just aren't enough hours in the day, or days in a lifetime, to fit everything in.
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    I can see a trip with rifle, fly rod and camera being planned in the mind now! What's the stalking like as in cost?

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    I wasn't stalking this year, though hope to manage a few days at hinds over the new year if possible, so I don't have up to date costs. I've found prices on Lewis/Harris to be around the prices seen elsewhere in Scotland. If you want up to date costs speak to Russell Hird on:
    Tel: 01851 820610
    Mobile: 07751 839579

    The stalking in my photos was all arranged through Russell and I've had some fantastic days plus Russell can arrange fishing and various shotgun shooting as well. If you wanted something different then Amhuinnsuidhe are one of the most famous deer forests in Scotland and have some fantastic ground. I've never stalked there, always taking my days with Russell, but did get my first salmon there and you can give Innes a bell on 01859 560200 to ask about prices.
    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    It can be dramatic even in the winter:

    This is the view looking over Loch Urrahag towards the Barvas Hills, about 5 - 10 minutes drive from the cottage. When not covered with ice the loch holds a good head of brown trout which tend not to be big but can provide great sport. It is one of those lochs where on the right day you might take maybe 20 or 30 fish for a few hours out.

    This photos is of the loch in the village of Bragar which is the neighbouring village to Shawbost where the cottage is located. As you can see the loch is frozen over and the pink sky was a snow shower blowing in from the moor with the setting sun hitting it. The ice on the loch was creaking and groaning while I took the photo. The pile of stones to the left of centre is an Iron Age Broch, or at least the remains of it.

    During the winter there is always the chance to stalk hinds and the following photo was taken while hind stalking on the west coast of Lewis.

    This photo was taken from a similar spot while chasing September stags - we were actually dragging the stag back down the hill and stopped for a breather and I took the chance to snap this one.

    And while we are on September the following photos were taken while salmon fishing at Amhuinnsuidhe on a glorious September day.

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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