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    Anybody have any suggestions, I have started reloading and looking to buy one

    what should I go for and what to avoid


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    I have a Chrony Alpha Master, the 'Master' bit meaning that there the display and control bit is on the end of about 5 yards of wire, which is invaluable if you're using it on a range.

    What to avoid? I'd try to avoid putting a bullet through it.
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    Yeah it's best to wind the mag back so you can see you are aiming between the rods above and away from the main unit

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    Yep I've seen somebody hit the posts with a .223 bt made everybody hit the deck that's for sure, I take mine down to Kynoch and get them done properly with the correct equipment and pressure tested also to make sure there safe costs I think 1.75 a go worth it in my opinion.....

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    I opted for the shooting chrony f1 after much deliberation. Have used it about half a dozen times now with no issues other than one single mis-read. From what I gather one of the most important things is to make sure the battery has plenty of life in it and the lighting conditions are right.. I dont have any problems reading the display from ten feet away so I guess I am lucky!!

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