Due to the amount of animals I’m having to cull I’m behind.

Too many deer and client wishes to animals to be removed.
If any one is interested I have to cull a couple of stags for a client.

I am going to do this on Mondayor Tuesday next week and if any one wishes to do a..

Beginners Course In Red Deer Management
Cull Stags and Butchery Course,
Practice For DSC2 (Culling,Inspection, Larder Prep, ect) Course

At short notice please contact me.

I will fit around your requirementsfor the day on what you wish to do.
I have 250 yrd rage,slaughterhouse and cutting room to use. You will have full hands on day and the shooting of 2 stags that I can guarantee.
You will take the shots anything from 150 yrds to 240yards.

Although I advertise these courses with the option of a good head the animals are a pure cull stags 8/10points but damaged and prickets. All my nice ones are reserved for latter this nextmonth.
Please Read Carefully

I can not take you stalkingit is a park environment and a cull. It is for a Novice or Stalker who wishesto extend their knowledge with a full hands on day.
The day will start at8/8.30am
Out on the range
Then Culling the stags
Gutting and inspection
Larder Prep
Skinning and braking down andButcher
A day to suit you.
I would accommodate 2 Hunting buddies But the day is suited more to an individual.

Cost of the day with the cullof 2 animals and a meat package 340.00
(You may keep the heads.)
No cost for meat damage

Please PM me
Or call 07930988744
Cheers Andrew