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Thread: Schultz & Larsen rifles

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    Schultz & Larsen rifles

    This month's Sporting Shooter has a brief review of the Schultz & Larsen M97-DL, a switch-barrel, all-steel European stalking rifle. Also carried in the magazine are some photos of a beefier target-shooting variant. Both look very interesting, even at the RRP of 2,045, as they come in true left-hand configurations.

    Are there any owners of Schultz & Larsens, able to comment further?

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    Sorry just noticed this post

    I own a Schultz and Larsen M97DL very pleased with it shoots well with anything I have put through it. Had a problem with it just after I bought it, with some help from a member on here and an american web site I got in direct touch with one of the owners of S&L.
    The UK importer and S&L could have not done more than they did to rectify the situation.
    Just thinking of getting a 308W barrel in the new year. Would have no hesitation in recommending them, not sure who stocks them as would not buy from the RFD I did again (long story)
    UK importers web site is here
    or Schultz and Larsen here

    My rifle is as below

    Swarovski 4-16x50 PV 1-2 hi grid TDS ret
    Wildcat predator 8
    Harris bipod

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    Brilliant rifles. Very accurate. i'm not the best shot in the world but this rifle is grouping 3/4 inch at 200 yards, 243 moderated with 100 grain hornady BTSP. Dropping big reds no problem.
    Even thinking of selling my manlicher to replace with another shultz in 270.

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    Just had a look at the site, came over all fuzzy like, real nice looking stuff!

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