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    Looking for a decent rangefinder for stalking around 250

    Any suggestions


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    I have a bushnell designed for golf. accurate to 1m(apparently). good and accurate at stalking ranges seems tough enough and good battery life.

    Have used it out stalking and for rangefinding for zeroing away from an organised range.

    Have a look here.
    damnant quodnon intelligunt

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    I have a really cheap one, 90 off ebay, and also a really expensive one, and the results are exactly the same. I have lost one of the cheap ones and replaced it and it is just grand, exactly the same readings out to 500mtr where it fizzles out.

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    Old style leica would be the one I would go for. I had a Bushnell and found it wouldn't range very well in last light. Also didn't have a red display so was harder to see

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    I use a LRM1200 Laser Range Finder they are about 299 but worth it! there is a forum for range finders you can Google, it's always good to go in to a shop and try them if you can..

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