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Thread: this mornings catch

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    this mornings catch

    went out for a stalk this morning and found a yearling buck which i very nearly shot but let him go as i wanted to keep looking for a six pointer i had seen a few weeks privious to see how good he was and when i found him he was not as good as i had originaly thought and i was a bit dishartened but i thought i would go and have a look in a couple of feilds on a bit futher and bumped into the fella you see below

    this is the 1st buck i have ever shot with more than 6 points and to be honest i didnt even know he was on my ground i would be interested to know what people think about his medal status i know its a bit hard to judge from photos but i would be interested all the same it does have 8 points but i couldnt get a good shot of all 8 points and to be honest he still had a bit of velvet on him hence a bit of blood on him but i wasnt gonna let next door have this one

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    I would not give a monkey's for his medal status if I had been lucky enough to shoot a wonderfull non typical like him.
    He is to my way of thinking a great trophy and well done for taking him, I hope he was a memorable stalk.

    If only you could have got him when he was in full summer coat he would have been great as a shoulder mount, ah well.!!

    Well done again


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    morning catch

    Think i will pass when the cheese board comes round at your place, seriously what a great head and a great day well done.

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    very nice 8)

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    Well done, very nice one, going to be fun cleaning round the coronets on that one.


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    Well done mate,but,why didn't you want to take a yearling,just out of interest................'M'

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    thank you all for your comments im not quite sure why i never took the yearling but if i would have i would have never have found this buck as i would have gone home. and as for cleaning round the coronets i will leave that to the taxidermist i did one head once and it is definatley a skill which i dont have the patience for

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    Looks like a west country buck to me? An old boy and looks to have the weight to make a medal. Let us know what the head weighs when its boiled out. A super looking buck, well done.

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