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Thread: Ode to a Savage.

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    Ode to a Savage.

    I took the new-ish Savage Long Range Hunter .308 out again this evening at the insistence of my good buddy who is considering buying the same, or a similar, model. I had 40 rounds loaded so, despite the late hour, we decided to go give it a whirl. The load is a loose replication of Federal's "Gold Match" target round using a Hornady A-Max 168 grain.

    We got to the range at sundown and ended up shooting 20 rounds by headlight. My buddy's first 5 shots went into .72 inches, prone, at 100M. We walked down to the target for a look and said he was sold. He was buying one at the trading post tomorrow. Like me he doesn't shoot prone much and off of a bipod, very infrequently. Shooting in the dark by '83 Mazda headlight with a 6X convinced him.

    With the pressure off we decided to have some fun. We put up the target you see below and maneuvered ourselves so we had a shooting lane between the benches, adding another 25 or so yards onto the distance. My buddy shot the head, I shot the torso. Not really tight groups but under the circumstances, it was quite good shooting for a couple of old guys flopped onto their out splayed jackets, shooting in the dark by fading 12 volt battery power.

    A couple of observations: Granted, it was a light load we were shooting tonight but even with military ball the recoil is minimal. The adjustable comb is ugly but totally Savage-functional. The trigger was exceptional, and the muzzle break more than effective. Something we seldom notice due to our reluctance to shoot at night was that the muzzle flash was almost non existent. A little pink-purple spark in front of the muzzle break and that was it. We were both surprised.

    This is the second time I've shot this rifle with target-grade loads and both times have been in darkness, or close to it. I look forward to shooting it in the light of day.~Muir
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    Nice shooting mate. Let's have a picture of the rifle! That is if the card reader is working!

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    What you pratcising your night shooting for, going poaching
    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Good shooting - I think the Savages are seriously under-rated in this country. I have two and they both shoot well.
    My 6.5x284 is just a straight F12 single shot but my 6BR is made up of bits. It has a Savage F12 action with a Shilen match barrel, a Riflebasix Sav-2 trigger and a Richards micro-fit stock. The beauty is that you can do it all yourself, only needing a spanner to change and set the barrel. The 6br is a genuine sub .5 moa rifle and a treat to shoot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    What you pratcising your night shooting for, going poaching
    Not by choice, Cuz. Too darned busy in the every diminishing daylight hours. Winter is coming fast. And hey, we hang poachers... usually they're shooting Angus beef!

    1066: Nice looking rig! Savages are very underrated. This one is as smooth as any rifle I've owned.

    No. No darned car reader yet. And my printer just quit, too.~Muir

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    Nice. With surgery done, and recovery on its way, I should have some of that LC Match brass prepped, and heading your way soon (got the boy punching primers and decrimping brass today). BTW, considerably better recovery this time. The Doc mentioned "No complications this time".

    And here I was thinking that this type of surgery always involved strong narcotics, nausea and long healing times. Apparently not...

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    I had a Savage Sierra in .270 Win and it shot great but the loading from above into the mag and the feed from the mag to chamber was awful so it had to go. It was very lightweight and great to shoot though.

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    BB: Was there trouble loading the magazine from the top? Or do you just prefer a detachable magazine? My 308 and my .223 both load and feed easily. ...And both are accurate despite being 30 years different in vintage!~Muir

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    When loading from the top it was awkward to get the rounds in right and after the shot when cycling the bolt the second round would hang up on the chamber ramp angle.
    Never got to the bottom of it in 12 years.

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    Muir I sent you a PM. If you want a Leespeed same as Brit hunter check it out. Great shooting mate, Neilo

    PS No more green with envy (:-)

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