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Thread: realoading virgin!!!

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    realoading virgin!!!

    i am interested in reloading for my 25-06. At present i fire about 60 rounds a year at about 30 quid
    a box. Any ideas on the set up fee for reloading? and is there any one local to me would show me the ropes
    in exchange for a beer.
    Thanks Luke

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    If your only reloading that many i would stick with factory ammo mate. a set of dies will cost the same a a box of ammo!!!


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    Only time that reloading made any financial sense was in the days of pistol shooting when reloads were a fraction of the cost of factory ammo.
    With rifle, unfortunately, cost of equipment and most importantly the consumables relegates reloading to 'because I like to reload'.

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    Hi if you are only doing 60 a year its hardly worth bothering. Your cheepest option if you do want to relaod would be a Lee Loader cost about £25... do an online serch for them very easy to use and lots of videos of them being used

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    I can't disagree with the previous posts but there are still some significant advantages to reloading. You are welcome to pop round sometime and I will run through the process for you. Pm me with your number and I will give you a bell.

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    do it!
    I shot similar numbers to you before I started, I now shoot more as a result....but its cheaper....

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    It's great fun and the ammo can be far more accurate, if that bothers you of course.

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    I've spent about £800 on all my reloading kit, books, and components so far. That would have bought me 640 rounds of decent factory ammo! Scary to think of it like that, but that's not why I started reloading. You can get much better results and certainly far more satisfaction out of your target shooting.

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    It's nice when you make ammo that shoots amazing at 1000yds,I would like shoot something that can reach right out there but nowhere around here I can do it,a mile would be nice

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