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Thread: Cumbria. Renewals and variations.

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    Cumbria. Renewals and variations.

    Cumbria must be the `cream of the team` as my 2 for 2 variation has arrived this morning after being handed in to them 23 days ago.


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    Iíve just had my first renewal from Cumbria and although Iíve not got the depth of experience of most of the others on here, Cumbria took the approach of being courteous, helpful and helped me to achieve what I was aiming (sorry, pun) for, rather than put every hurdle they could think of in my way. Having read all sorts of horror stories on this site, I think that theyíre spot on.

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    I recently sold my Sako Varminter .308 to a friend and he is coming here this evening for the face-to-face transaction [and to pay me the balance owing.]
    Cumbria took 22 days for his to arrive.

    The other laddie is also coming tonight with the .243 and mod which I am getting from him.
    I will get a lift to HQ Firearms tomorrow to get the cert modified and another 1-for-1

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    Got a lift down there this morning, handed in my cert and a letter to state that I had sold the .308 and some ammo the previous evening. Also notified them that I had acquired the .243 , moderator and some ammo and completed a 1 for 1 form for a .30/06 to fill the vacant .30 cal. slot.

    As usual an efficient and prompt service by people who know what they are doing.


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    Essex firearms department have that beat hands down……interview on Thursday for variation and remove closed condition.
    Licence back on the door mat Tuesday lunch time.


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