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Thread: Battle of the Somme: Part 2

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    Battle of the Somme: Part 2

    Well we had 67 mm of rain in 2 days so we were expected things to be a liitle wet underfoot/tyre last night but I never seen anyting like it. It was a good job we were in the Land cruiser as my Vitara would have been stuck. Almost every stubble feild was awash, now you can't see the ruts as they are full of water, huge pools and acres all underwater, streams out of banks flooding pasture, never been this bad in the wettest of winters. Saw a few rabbits on a couple of banks, no woodcock and one fox in a middle of a ploughed field. On foot on several fields that was tricky enough.

    Nightly excursions are going to be on hold for a while. Also its going to make for a very intresting maize harvest in a few weeks time.


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    The fields this year have been unbelievable. I got stuck 3 times in August (the only month I really lamo from the vehicle at all). Since then it has REALLY rained. We had 120mm in 36 hours last week. Mind you its been raining part of most evenings ever since and I dont like getting my NV wet so things are at a bit of a standstill just now

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    Aye, things are rubbish down here too. One of my farms is a hay farm and has loads of drainage ditches. It's also really flat so it's like a bleddy swamp at the moment. No 4x4 , just walking. I was out on foot for 3 hours solid the other night. My other farm is arable and is exposed downland, it's like walking through treacle.

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    Well we nearly got the truck stuck Tues eve, had all the 3 diff locks on to get out. However we did get the charlie despite the noise, 20grn Berger at nearlt 4,000 fps did the job.

    Dave you didn't mind the ride the last time we went out!!!!!

    On foot now in waders!!!!!


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