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    Are the deerhunter montana trousers any good as "casual" stalking/shooting trousers? good offer on at sportsman

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    I used a montana stalking suit 2yrs back, very good for the first season, quiet ,although I think too warm for steep hill work.
    In the second season the trousers were only partially water proof but still nice and warm for sitting out at fox dens . Still use the jacket when weather is dry . For the money I think its a good enough buy, I would buy same again if ,God forbid anything happened to my Swazi Tahr smock that I've lived in for the past 2 seasons.

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    I think I've got a pair...they're the ones with the removable waterproof liner?

    If so, they're pretty good - was on the quad for three hours in mine yesterday in the p*ssing rain and came home dry, and they're not new.

    Only complaints:

    The seam above the knee is coming faces the wrong way for crawling.

    The bottoms are too wide and flappy

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    Jacket and trousers both well finished and extremely quiet. However, wear them without the removable deer-tex lining and say goodbye to dryness. I wore my jacket without its lining on a fishing trip to the Brecon Beacons late July last year and got soaked to the skin in just five minutes of rain. Granted it was Welsh rain, which is just as likely to fall up as well as down and thus get everywhere, but I couldn't believe how permeable the actual jacket itself was. I presume the trousers must be equally so.

    The lower outer pocket of the jacket also has a nasty habit of catching the bolt of my rifle as I swing it off my shoulder. I'm sure there are more than few deer still runnig free who think the human alarm call is "Oh bugger! Hang on a minute there now will you? I just need to get this thing out of my pocket. Wey, there you go look. Oh, where's the deer too now then?"

    Otherwise, as they say around here, not a bad coat is that jacket. Likewise, not poor pants is those trousers.

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    Many thanks all. I think I will go ahead and save 40 (womens logic ) sounds good to me

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    I have had good results with Nikwax techwash stuff, it gives an apparently knackered coat or bib/pants a new lease of life, definately worth the cost of around 7.00 to bring a favourite bit of kit back on song!

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