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Thread: Tweed cammo test

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    Tweed cammo test

    As some may recall back in the spring I carried out some cammo tests with various patterns while trying to make my photos look similar to what we are told deer vision is like. They were spread over three threads and had lots of photos:

    My coverage of tweed patterns was a little disappointing from someone who has friends who weave Harris Tweed in the Hebrides so while on Lewis over the last few weeks I acquired a selection of "samples" of tweed straight off the double width loom. They haven't been washed or through the mill and so are very rough to the touch and also the colours might change a little after washing but they will be pretty close to the finished product. I have a wide range of patterns including some Black Watch which I would expect not to work as cammo, some patterns that are perhaps more suited to a formal city type coat and some that look like they would work well on the hill. As they are just samples I don't have large sections of any of them so although they are double width they are just under 2 feet long. I will append some photos below giving some idea of the patterns and also the size of the samples when compared to a normal 2 foot concrete slab.

    Would there be any interest in another test, similar to those above, but this time using the tweeds? I ask because it takes a little bit of work to take all the photos and process them etc.

    The tweeds I would propose to use are shown below:

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    I'd certainly be interested to see the results, though I think it might prove more challenging doing the tweed test than the camo test.

    My understanding is that, with estate tweeds, many patterns have been defined specifically to match the local flora/landscape, so that a tweed that blends in well on an estate in Perthshire, for example, might stand out like a sore thumb on the hill in Sutherland and vice versa. So I'm not quite sure how you'd account for this in the tests unless you took photos of each tweed in situ in different environments (field, bracken, heather, granite, etc)?

    That aside, it would be very interesting to see how the different tweeds compare, perhaps measured against a control of, say, DPM camo?

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    Would certainly be interesting, but as Willie said the majority of Estates have their own tweed designed to suit their
    landscape, a tweed that may look as if it would stand out like a sore thumb can just disappear into background when in its own environment.

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    My plan was to try them against a range of background types as per the first tests. As you say there is a lot of variation from estate to estate but in the 5 I've selected I think I've covered most of the basic general variations - I had a lot to choose from some of which would be estate tweeds and so on but I thought these 5 were a good representative sample.
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