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    Devcon 10112

    I'm going to use devcon plastic steel putting 10112 to bed a rear tang/recol lug, but also do the entire barrel channel of a stock that is excessively opened up (as in almost 1/4" clearance on each side of the barrel before the channel wall begins). My plan is to apply copious amounts of devcon in the barrel channel, then with a taped up barrel the whole length screw it in, not only to do the normal bedding areas, but to create a full bedding that fills the gap between the barrel and the barrel channel wall. I will then scrape the top so it sits flush and can be sanded nicely to just create a nice line of bedding along the barrel. once the tape is removed from the barrel, it will then have enough clearance to remain fully floated as well. this should also help avoid warping as it is a kiln dried stock which will be used on the hill in the rain.

    however,,,I digress,,,I need the devcon to be black or brown to look somewhat decent, has anyone ever tried mixing in a dye with devcon and if so, what results did get and can you recommend a decent dye? also, would brown even work with a chemical grey base, probably not right? just black I imagine.


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    Jack Truscott at the Royal Armouries used to use it with dye. He said that Brownells sold a dye WITH the devcon...

    I need to get some myself soon to make up a run of WW1 canvas scope cases

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    I use this

    just as good as Devcon from my experience and already comes in black
    never tried dyeing Devcon so can't help on that front

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    stone, where do I get that in the UK?

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    I got mine from Norman clark guns
    Open Page

    can't remember the price thou

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    Hi PKL,

    You could try Bucks Composites (Colouring paste | Bucks Composites) these colourings can be used in epoxy resins. They do not have brown but from my failed attempts at art, every time I mixed any colours I got brown!

    In another area of my life, people give this outfit glowing reports.


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    Hi i added half a tea spoon of carbon granules bought off ebay to my devcon it worked very well

    Cheers Geoff

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    Not with Devcon, but I have used burnt sienna pigment that I got from Grey Friars artshop in Edinburgh with West System epoxy resins and it works a treat. These pigments are used by artists for mixing up their own paint.

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