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Thread: cleaning gun stock

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    cleaning gun stock

    i have just decided to take my mauser apart and take all the varnish of the stock as to be honest it looks a right mess.
    now i have stripped it all down and sanded it all tidy, now what im wondering is whats the best thing to put on it as i was thinking of oiling the wood as opposed to varnishing it whats peoples opion on this?

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    lots of threads on this

    Nitromors is the most straightforward way to strip it down, has the benefit of stripping some of the oils out as well making it more absorbant to whatever you then decide to use

    lots of options for next steps (after sanding it to a fine finish)
    - wood stain in colour of choice
    - Alkanet oil
    - Potassium Permanganate solution
    or just plain old fashioned elbow grease and oil preparation

    I use Philips English Walnut oil preparation
    use sparingly, rub hard, little and often to begin with, allow to soak in/dry and repeat on a schedule similar to this:
    once a day for a week, once a week for a month, once a month for a year!

    in practice I tend to add a number of coats at the beginning and top up now and then. I dont like the super gloss effect, but a nice deep shine is good

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