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Thread: Gunshops near Dunfermline

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    Gunshops near Dunfermline

    Off up to scotland for a few days tomorrow, anyone know of any decent gunshops around Dunfermline?


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    You could go to Cluny Clays near Kirkcaldy, shop and clay shooting available?



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    There's, " We're Game" and also "Outdoor Game and Tackle" they are quite close to each other in Kirkaldy. There is also Bushwear in Stirling. I dont know how they all are regarding stock of guns. I have purchased a rifle and cartridges from We're game though and of course if your nearby its always worth a look. Good luck.

    Regards Alan

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    Thanks very much for the info lads, we're up to scotand as a birthday treat for the wife, not looking for anything in particular but you know how it is? can't get away without checking the local gunshops out?


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    Andy at We're Game was closed yesterday,normally open on a Tuesday so he may be on holiday all week. There is also a Bushwear in Perth about 30 minutes north of Dunfermline. I would agree that Cluny Clays about 20 mins east of Dunfermline is well worth a visit.

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    Glenrothes no gun shop but believe there is a shooting gallery

    Oh I'm a bad bad man.

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