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Thread: gunshops in NYC

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    gunshops in NYC

    any decent gunshops in New York City anyone knows about? looking for something I can send my father to whilst on a business trip to pick up a few things for me, so nothing I can send him 'out of town' for sort of thing..what I'm looking for is a mix between reloading gear and materials for stock work (pads, tools, etc.)

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    I went two years ago and could only find a place called John Jovinos.

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    None that I could find last year, your problem is that personnel possesion of firearms is stricty forbidden in NYC so there's no market to cater for!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dovebob View Post
    I went two years ago and could only find a place called John Jovinos.
    Although knowing that reviews on the Internet are not exactly unbiased, I couldn't help but laugh at some of the reviews when I searched for this very gunshop:

    John Jovino Gun Shop - About - Google+

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    This close enough for you Beretta Gallery New York


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    Couple of outdoors stores but no gun shops in NYC due to strict gun laws

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    Good old Mayor Bloomberg...making the streets of New York a safer place...NOT!

    Think it'll be a trip out yonder to find a decent shop, cabelas, Gander Mountain perhaps.

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    Kittery gun shop - 301 U.S. 1, Kittery, ME 03904, United States (in Maine but on the border line) I was there and it is like Cabelas but more inclined to the shooters.

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    Hi PKL,
    Have a nice trip,

    There a really good shop in the Bronx. Also Cabelas are in East Harford Ct its an hour and a half north of New york you can get a train form city centre and change to a bus.
    It would be well worth it. look up the Cabelas website store for store details. Also there are some really good army surplus store in the city, Orvis have a shop in New york and so does Barbour


    Please find attached the link
    Frank's Sport Shop

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