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    My usual stockist says that Norma 6.5x55 120g B/T are a bit difficult to get as RUAG have none for a couple of months.
    Does anyone know a shop in the South thats sells them and what price they are charging.


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    I'd be prepared for a shock! I just bought a load of Norma 243's from Sportsman (who were best price around a couple of months ago) and since I last bought some have gone up from 26/box to 35!!!

    If you go on the Ruag website you can search for dealers by brand and you can find Norma stockists in you local area.

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    Ha! only 35. They're over forty round here!

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    Thanks guys found some @

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    my mate bought a box of 55gr fedrall premium and they were 40 a box and when i asked the price of 150gr sp .308 remington it came to just under 50 a box hence i reload my own

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    Alas! I've just ordered 200 Norma .22-250 50gr without asking how much they were this year.

    Having said that, I paid 40 per box for Norma 6.5x55mm 140gr last year.

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