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Thread: gralloch or gut a goat

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    gralloch or gut a goat

    not sure if gralloch is the correct word or is gralloch only deer, anyway i am out in an area i have just had on saturday. we have no deer but there are some wild goats and with the bad weather i have been told that they are making there way down the mountain,if i am lucky enouh to shoot one do i treat as a deer . and how old would this years kids be as i am after somthing for the pot.

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    Just treat it like a deer, some say they eat them and enjoy, but I personally can't stomach them.

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    Ate a lot of goat in Africa, even mild it can be like mutton; best curried I think. However, as ever on this site, willing to defer to the goat eating ninja experts
    Better barbarity than boredom

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    i remember as a kid my father came home with half a domestic goat from some farmer/butcher
    we had it just like Mutton. chops, stews, the usual roasts, burgers etc

    a good goat curry is a fine thing though. stick to West Indian recipe for true authenticity

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    I always remember being at Sandhurst and being invited to sample the Gurkha Bart which they used to have every Sunday at the base of the ranges and finding it very pleasant. Even after witnessing the way they prepare it.

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    Eaten goat -it's not bad, but you need strong flavours around it - curry / spicy is the way to go. Have also a young one spit roasted and it was lovely. If I was shooting one for the pot, I would go for a young yeld female, make sure you did stress / frighten it before shooting so as to keep adrenalin to a min. If a billy, then try to shoot out of the rutting season, again to prevent taint in the meat. Bleed, gralloch /gut as per a deer, but I would try and get the carcass as cool as poss as quickly as poss, and not let it hang for too long - the meat already has plenty of flavour.

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    old billys are the best Especially at this time of the year yum yum

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    cheers guys especialy to johndeere would you like me to post you a couple of chops. i have eaten plenty of goat in austrailia many moons ago we used to marinade it with all sorts and slow cook for hours , i am very excited about this land i hope i can keep it? will post some pics if sucsesfull.

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    The best thing to do with goat is to wrap it tightly in muslin, bury it in a peaty field, leave it for three months and then forget about it!

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