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Thread: Just back from the Highlands

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    Just back from the Highlands

    Hello all!

    Well I'm back from my weeks stalking invite with Sikamalc. I had the very best of times and now need to lay down in a dark room and reflect on my experiences. The stalking and environment was intense and has left me wanting more! Its going to be hard going back to work and my normal life, it all seems so meaningless! I have been well and truly bitten by the bug now, I'm even thinking of moving up to Scotland for good!

    I will write my full report in a day or so when I've sorted myself out and got the two Red yield hinds I bagged, butchered up.

    I would just like to thank Sikamalc for his overwhelming generosity, patience and for sharing his abundance of deer and Highland knowledge with me. It was an experience of a lifetime for me that no amount of money could buy.

    Thanks also to my new friends Mark, Carl and Dave for their advice and understanding when things didn't go quite to plan.

    Thanks to Mr and Mrs JayB for the Land Rover spares and their good company. I hope to see you both in the new year. Thanks for all your help and advice with my possible move up north.

    Believe it or not, I'm lost for words! Everything I thought I knew about deer and deer stalking is out the window and I now need to look at improving my skills and getting up to Scotland again for the best stalking I have ever known!

    Finally thank you to Rob, if it wasn't for this excellent website I would have sold my guns and left stalking completely! I now have a good many friends and invites for stalking because of the site.

    Its sounds like an Oscar accceptance speech I know but there you go! Thanks All!

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    A trip over the border can do terrible things to a man.
    I've had two trips with a man called Andy Malcolm in Argle both brilliant. You need that special air to sort out the effect from the night befores malt.
    I would like to try further up but work and time are a pain.


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    Yep! there was plenty of the malt, Whiskey galore! I also got the 'Highland Disease'. I ate like a piggy-wiggy and slept like the dead! Great times, great company!

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    Consider youself a very lucky man!
    I'm very envious! Nowhere near as much fun on my last trip


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    If this you lost for words Mr B, then I had better side aside an entire day to read your account of the week. I am really looking forward to reading it, especially about the bits that did not "go quite to plan"

    Glad you got home safe mate, and hope you can make it up in the new year.


    Forgot to mention, the day you left, I was walking the dogs out back of my place and in the water below me was an Otter. It reckoned it was looking for you as it had never seen a Beowulf!

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    Hi JayB,
    It will be a 'worts and all' account of my time up in the Highlands. You already know what I got up to mate, you made sure that I wouldn't forget it!
    I think there was some talk about coming up again to shoot a Sika Stag?

    I had to shore up my garage roof today John. The combined weight of the two hinds hanging off the joists nearly collapsed the whole thing!

    Weather was bad all the way home and water got into the lighting wiring circuits!

    Still we are all okay this end. How did you auction go?

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    Mr B,

    The auction made money, God knows how I insulted most people there, nicely of course .

    I shall set aside a stag and put your name on it, I shall try and find the tallest one that I can, if you know what I mean I hope to be out by the middle of the week and shall start looking.


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    Thanks very much John. I'm glad to hear that the auction went well, I'm sure everyone up there is used to your sense of humour by now! They certainly know what you are like at the 'Glenmorangie Hotel' I thought that yourself and Sikamalc were going to start busting kitchen staff heads! I've never known a Scots chef who could not cook hagis! In fact he couldn't cook anything really could they!

    The company was of the very best though, so not all was lost!

    Quick advert 'Glen Morangie Hotel Tain' requires Head Chef and trainee Chef, must be able to cook! Also Deputy Manager, must be able to order beer and not run out on a friday evening! Please apply to the address above!

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    Looking forward to the read. Read alot about boar hunting in new zealand, and if well written gets the blood going. I can tell you have the passion, so I am sure we will all get that special buzz from reading it. Can't wait. Hurry hurry!!

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    Its a fantastic experience Beowulf and I look forward to the story

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