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Thread: good stalking pack?

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    good stalking pack?

    I have looking for a stalking pack that can function like an all in one for: regular lowland stalking but can be used for Scottish hill stalking too. I should not be too big, tough, hold tight enough to the body, be quiet, waterproof etc. I also like best those no non-sense bits of kit that are not festooned with gimics. Any ideas? More like loved favourites. I have been using my fishing pack but now that I am stalking more regularly this is not an option, I need a dedicated stalking pack.

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    if i did take a pack I would want it to be either a waist pack/bum bag or a slimline style like the camelback packs

  3. #3 is what I've been using for a while sits lower on the back and does not interfere to much with the rifle etc for the price a lovely little pack IMO

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    What about the dwight Schue pack camo material and based on a Coleman polypropolyne frame?
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    I have changed from a small camel pack to a bum bag which I find better. I find a pack is a pain when carrying a rifle. Depends how much kit you are carrying, but a bum bag and pockets is enough for me. I use the snugpack belt bag.

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    I too use a bumbag - mainly to limit me on carrying unecessary gubbins!
    When I need something a bit bigger, I use a Harkila Fenja Roe Sack as it can be carried nice and small, but expanded when needed.

    I used to use a Highlander Forces 44 rucksack - extremely durable, quiet and comfortable.
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    Thanks all, some good suggestions, I think the more narrow variety is essential to ensure you can carry pack and rifle. I will research each suggestion and go for one.

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    why do you need a pack?

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    I have had both of these delivered today. I think both would suit your requirements.

    BushWear: Swedteam Tracker Rucksack

    BushWear: Harkila Doglead Rucksack

    I like them both and they work well with my rucksack sling.

    But neither is perfect.

    The Swedteam only has one big pocket.

    The Harkila one has lots of pockets but no waist strap. But I like the game carriers for walked up hunting.

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    I used to drag a big bag of stuff around on the hill - 'just in case' etc...gradually that has become a wee zip lock with some emergency aid, other necessities like fingerless gloves, snickers bar and a few cough drops fit in the pockets of my jacket. I do keep a dry-bag in the argo with extra gear like gps, headlamps, dry socks, cleaning rod if I end up sticking the barrel in the dirt, sandwiches, tea, etc. the argo is never really more than a good hours walk away from wherever I am on the ground anyway, so with a broken leg, maybe three to four hrs,,,should be survivable! LOL...mind,,,I 'am' considering some of that Celox arterial blood clogger as I'm a specialist at cutting and stabbing myself (the wife LOVES me for that - yes, hi honey, sorry to wake you up, yes back from stalking, no can't do breakfeast, have to run off to A&E,,yeah, see you in 7hrs!)...

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