Yesterday evening I was passing an area on Salisbury Plain very popular with dog walkers from the army married quarters.
There were a couple of cars parked in the usual place so I instincltly scanned the area to see what was about, I usually recognise the dogs before their owners.
At about 300 yardss I spotted two Collies running about and what looked like a small terrier type dog sniffing around.
I recognised the gait or 'sniffing type walk' of a pig !! I thought I was dreaming so stopped and had a proper look.
Then the owners appeared, two ladies, both on their mobile 'phones, one talking the other texting.
The Collie dogs were haveing a whale of a time running all over the place while this small grey pig, not the colour I would have expected the miniature type pet pigs to be, just mooched around the field sniffing the ground and turning around in small circles just ahead of the women.
It took no notice of the dogs nor they it.
I didn't get close enough to see if it was ringed but if it wasn't it made no attempt, other than sniffing, to root the ground.
I have heard of people having pet pigs but always associated that with pop stars or at least 'not normal' people but now it seems very likely that military wives have adopted them as well.
In my day it was only the RSM or 'Rodneys' allowed to have dogs in MQs so it shows how much the Army of today has changed. I got away with keeping Ferrets in the cellar of my MQ in Germany but that is another story ;-)