This is a great opportunity for anyone who can join me this Saturday morning the 29th September.

I have a red deer carcass coming in and am doing a carcass inspection and preparation for our DSC1 course.

There is not usually the opportunity to take part in a gralloch for DSC1 it is usually theory so it is a good opportunity for those who can make it. I only have 3 places left available for anyone who would like to come along and join us just for the morning.

Good opportunity for those who may be thinking of DSC2 to see how it is done to meet the standard.

Starts at 9.00 and will last about 3 hours. The cost is only 45 pp

Sorry about the late notice but if you can make it you are welcome.

Pm me or contact Jon on 014 34 344 067 or the mobile 07 889 843 522