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All terrain foot system including basket
Insulated non-slip hand grips
Weather resistant
CAMO lightweight alloy

3 Section telescopic legs

Restraint clip and net bag for travel and storage

Complete with gun rest strap and padded handles for extra comfort and draw string carry net bag.

These shooting sticks are fully adjustable for use either sitting, kneeling or standing.

The closed length is 90cm approx.
This gives a shooting height of 80 - 175cm approx.

The versatile nature of this product means it can be used almost anywhere, strong rubber feet are attached to used on hard or uneven ground which can also be removed to reveal a metal spike to secure the sticks in softer ground.

By placing the rifle on top of the shooting stick, the rifle end can be stabalised. Body movements or other forces, such as pressing the trigger, are less likely to move the weapon during firing, improving its accuracy for each shot and from shot-to-shot.

Camo when closed, camo and green when extended.

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