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Thread: 7 x 57 users out there.

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    7 x 57 users out there.

    I am thinking of adding a 7 x 57 to the 30:06 that I have been using for the past years. The first estate rifle I used was chambered in 7 x 57 and I have fond memories of using the round on Hind. I am sure that it would work just as well on woodland Fallow.

    Finding a new rifle in 7x 57 (or even a 2nd hand one for that matter ) is proving to be more of a challenge than I imagined it would be. Seemingly very few producers are offering rifles chambered in this calibre now. For instance Sako, Mauser, Tikka, and Sauer no longer offer this calibre. I believe that CZ and Heym still do.

    Apart from the limited choice of rifle manufacturer, I am concnerned anout the availablity of factory loaded ammo becuase I do not hand load. What is the experience of 7 x 57 users regarding the availability of factory produced ammunition?

    Viewed in the round, am I better off going for one of the 6.5mms. 6.5 x 55 appears to have experienced a resurgence in popularity judging by the number of posts and .260 also seems to have a sizeable following.

    For sentimental reasons, 7 x 57 would be my first choice but what of the practicalities of chosing it over, say, a 6.5 x55. All the manufacturuers produce rifles in 6.5 x 55 which tells me something!

    Any comments /advice would be appreciated.



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    I use a 7x57R in a drilling = 10% less power @ 120 metres max distance due to the size of the beasts and have never yet had a runner of more than 30 metres (I am afraid only roe).

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    I have hunted mule deer, white tail deer and elk with my 7x57. My 7mm is my #1 favorite rifle.

    Ammo in the US commonly means Remington or Winchester. Very expensive. PPU has recently come to town and I buy it in 100 lots as the loaded ammo is cheaper than un primed brass from any other makers. To get the most from a 7x57 (or 6,5x55) you need to reload for best performance. Much factory ammo is down loaded for early, weaker actions.~Muir

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    There are loads of stalking rifles here in Germany at the moment being got rid of at low prices by folks going up to modern non K98s .308 etc.
    Less is more to me.

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    I use the 7x65r - 139g bullet at 2,700fps so pretty much the 7x57 - does the job really well. But I would have thought quite a bit of overlap with the 30-06. But then no reason not to have another rifle. Ammo is more difficult but most decent places will have 7x57 or can get it for you - but I would bank on buying in bulk rather than box by box.

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    I use a 7 x 57 and find ammo is not a problem. I can get it from my local gunshop in Wiltshire and have been able to replace ammo in scotland when some idiots at fly Be wouldnt let me travel with ammo. Rifle choices new are limited, but you should be able to find a good s/h rifle if you wanted. Heym still offer the cal but if that is too rich for your blood I'm sure I have seen a new CZ offered on Guntrader or Gunstar. It is a super cal, but apart from sentimental reasons you might be better off with a different cal.

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    Hello Longshot
    I have used a 7x57 for 20 odd years now and have shot everything from Muntjac and Red Deer to Elk in Sweden and plains game in South Africa, I usually use a 120gr noslar ballistic tip for all my stalking in this country and up the bullet weight when abroad. Factory ammunition is readily available Federal and RWS both produce ammo. My first 7mm was made by Ruger, do it may pay you to check their website to see if they still barrel rifles in the calibre. Good luck with your search, you won't regret getting a 7x57

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    What a superb choice in caliber, Ammo and loading components are readily available and would suggest you check out REEVES on 01491 671648 as they have several rifles in 7x57 including the superb SR21 Heym in left and right handed, also a Superb as new Varberger with 8x56 Swarovski as well as a brand new old stock CZ.
    Give Simon a call, you most ceryainly wont regret the 7x57.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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    I have a Parker Hale in 7x57 & to date I've been very happy with it. I started out using RWS factory ammo which was a little expensive & didn't actually shoot well in my rifle. Moved to Federal 140gn which grouped better & was cheaper.

    I'm in the process of starting to reload for it using a Lee Classic hand loader. H4831 powder with 150gn Swift Sirocco bullets.

    When I visited the Mauser & Blaser stand at the Shooting Show I was told that they would still produce a 7x57 as a special order. Probably take a long delivery time though & have a special price!

    How about considering a 7x64 which appears to still be made by many rifle makers?

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    I've used one for years. It's such a classic. Read Bell and Corbett. I got it because of the rifle/cartridge combo. Mine is a commercial FNMauser, made in 1951. It's not pretty, but shoots 1-1.5" groups at 100yds. I had/still have a 30-06, that I almost never use. Get one and stock up on ammo if you need to. I hand load. but would use Hornady Superperformance if you can get it. capt david

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