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Thread: Funny happenings when beating/picking up/loading

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    Funny happenings when beating/picking up/loading

    Jamross suggested this so I'll kick it off

    As a young keeper in my teens I had a black lab, great nose but could be a bit enthusiastic at times to say the least, the fact that we had a big rabbit problem at the time, and I used him for rabbiting probably did not help, his party piece was to jump on top of the heaps of branches left by the foresters, quickly jump of again and watch for the rabbit bolting which he invariably caught.

    On a shoot day my game bag was always full, and it was a standing joke that me and my dog made up for any failing that a gun might have.

    One day on a big commercial at the flush point he was hunting ten yards ahead and ignored me when I called him into heel.

    I ran forward caught him and was pointing out the error of his ways to him, when an irate beater asked me what I thought I was doing to his dog, it was only then I realised mine was glued to my heel.

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    Same dog as previous post, Laird on the spur of the moment decided he would try a flight pond one night, I was sent with him to pickup, not a good flight not many ducks came in and were very late could not see a think from where I was sat but he did get a dozen shots or so and he was not guilty of missing much, I had only picked up two when the laird called across from the other side of the pond asking how I was doing, only the two I replied, he burst out laughing and said that dog just gets better and better, I have never shot so bad never hit a bloody thing.

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    My old spaniel (a big old fasioned type) had the dubious honor of being the only dog who had retrieved,
    A live cat!
    Dead fox,
    We watched him one day trying to drag back a dead ewe,Just a bit heavy for him.
    The captains wire haired daschound (still alive! Phew!)
    And finaly on a local shoot we rounded a corner to be surprised by a whole bunch of piglets .Off he went and dodged the sow and retrieved to hand a squeeling bundle of future bacon!

    Going to miss the old boy!

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    I was loading for a gun who shall remain nameless who after the third day of loading for him asked for my address and said, I find it very embarrassing to give money to friend what I would much rather do is give you a nice gift,

    Do not expect it immediately as I wish to take time to choose something that is just right for you.

    It must be one really special gift as that was twenty five years ago and I'm still waiting.

    If you happen to be reading this PM me for my present address I have moved since then

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    My old boss who was standing behind one of the guns on a pheasant day. The pheasants were driven of the South Downs over large beach trees. Every time the gun missed a bird the boss said to him, I could have killed that one sir. Or the time one of the guns wives fell face dowin the snow and the boss helped her up and brushed the snow off her chest and said, there thats better madam.

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    At the end of a drive someone picked a red legged partridge, now we had plenty greys but no redlegs on the ground
    the lairds wife called to the head keeper as he passed, where would the red leg come from Jimmy? he replied without breaking stride, out of an egg Madam.

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    If I think back there will be plenty of funnies over the years, but one which happened last season still tickles me.
    I was helping a neighbouring keeper on one of his bosses days picking up behind the lines. The estate in question is wet and muddy even in a drought, and my team of Cockers were sh#t up to the eye balls when the guns stopped for elevenses.
    The game cart was parked with the guns vehicles and I carried my pickings to it for the birds to be sorted. After a quick natter with the other lads I became aware that the usual glued to my ankles Cockers were no where to be seen.
    After a couple of shouts to call them back I got a nudge from the head keeper and a nod towards a very expensive new Range Rover with its back open where two of my very wet and muddy dogs were stood on the back seats staring back at me and looking very smug with themselves.
    A quick blast on the whistle bought them bounding back to heel, without the Vouge owner noticing, but where was Meg? So I called the eldest of my dogs without respose, my call to heel got louder and must have finally roused her because with a toot of the Range Rovers horn the old sod jumped up from the drivers seat putting her feet on the steering wheel, first looking out of the windscreen and then back at me.
    "Get in you old sod" and back she came making sure she had wiped as much filth off her body as possible on the interior.
    Well the lads round the game cart were in stitches, and as I preparded to melt into the back ground I noticed the head keepers dog......
    With a grin on my face I turned to him and said "think my dogs are bad" I laughed "how about your lab" and I turned him back to where the guns were stood where his dog was pissing in his bosses open hamper full of goodies.


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    26 years ago I started here,my first single handed position.

    The first day of our brand new syndicate had arrived.
    Our bothy was a 30 foot caravan.
    All the guns were inside having our first safety talk.
    In the middle of our little circle,was my ever so impressive little spaniel bitch cra**ing on the carpet!!!!!

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    Not really funny as such but a visiting gun decided to straddle a barbwire fence tried step over slipped and split his testicles open and needed three stitches this was only after having the snip a month before the incident he was not amused in the slightest I can assure you....

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    Local day with my pals last year and Willie had brought the young dog on his first day along with his steady old boy.

    Pheasant shot off ran the old dog swiftly followed by the pup who grabbed the other of the bird which was duly retreived by both.

    "Hells teeth Wullie" called Hamish "but these are heavy burds ye huv hereabouts, it's 'tain yer twa dugs tae cairry that yin".


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