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Thread: Reloading dies - are they interchangable between presses?

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    Reloading dies - are they interchangable between presses?

    I have a selection of RCBS and Redding Dies and equipment for .243 and .308, but just wondered are these dies a standard thread, therefore interchangable with all other presses such as Lyman / Hornady / Lee etc? Are there any presses that are a b****rd size that should be avoided ?

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    I do belive they are. I have a Dillon press and the Lee dies fit mine. Im sure some of the reloading guru's on here will be able to confim the other makes

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    yes they are excepth the wilson type

    if they are threaded on the lower part of the die body , youre ok
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    I have Lee and RCBS dies on a Lyman press. It appears that the thread sizes are standard. atb Tim

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    Most manufacturers standardised on 7/8th x14 thread size many years ago. If you look long and hard enough you will occasionally come across Lynx (Australian) dies which have a thread size only suitable for their presses.
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    Thank you for all the replies, that seems to clear it up. I was a bit put-off that I might have to buy new dies as well !! Not the cheapest of things!

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    give us a pm to what you nedd ill tery and save you some money
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