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Thread: Meopta meopro 6-18x50

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    Meopta meopro 6-18x50

    Does anyone use one of the above mentioned scopes, Im toying with buying one and they seem to be good value for money.


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    I have a Meopta 7x50 which is excellent. Shooting buddy has a Meopta I think a 3x12 x 50 on his .177 fireball and its a cracking scope. Just be carefull with the reticule chioce. Mine has an illuminated centre dot which is a tad to big for my liking but it came with the rifle so no complaints.

    Otherwise can't fault them for the money.


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    Hi Cockerdog,

    I have a meopro 4-12x50 and it is great value for money. the clarity and low light performance is amazing for the price. Im actually thinking of selling my 4-12 to purchase the 6-18 for my 222 just for a bit more mag. But i really cant fault the model i have. I have only had it a year so i dont know how well it will stand up to the test of time as they must have saved the money from somewhere but so far so good. I think they come with a 10 year warranty but dont quaote me on that i would have to check.


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    Bought the 4-12x50 and have looked through the 6-18, the plex is very fine in the bigger scope. I was impressed in the shop but on bringing it home a Fullfield 2 i had beat it hands down at dusk, very surprised. Took it back and bought a second hand Swaro instead.

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