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Thread: lapping compound

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    lapping compound

    i am going to take a few inches of an old 10/22 barrel
    i have watched a video on youtube from MidwayUSA where they use lapping compound on a coach screw to crown the barrel (dont laugh ! lol)
    as its an old barrel i dont want to spend loads getting it done professionally, as its only a wee gun for plinking with
    so here is my questions......

    1. where do i get lapping compound to do this ?
    2. what type do i go for ? smooth, medium or coarse etc ?
    3. is it possible to buy it in small amounts, as i only need a teaspoon amount ??

    i know someone out there will be an expert at this


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    Local car spare place should have it, all you need is fine.
    Round here the cheapest way to get it is a kit, valve lapping stick and 2 tubs of compound, fine and course, about a fiver.


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    Valve lapping compound is a little too coarse (even the fine). Best results are from Diamond lapping paste on a soft Brass or Aluminium lap.
    Readily available on the evilbay. The pastes are generally from 40 micron down to .5 micron.

    IIRC rinkydink kit for around a tenner...

    Just one thing, do not use different grades of abrasive on the same lap.
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