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Thread: Blaser Bolt sticks shut

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    Blaser Bolt sticks shut

    Here's one for the Blaser experts. I was playing with my recently acquired R8 today, running in the new 30-06 barrel. The bolt would not release to clear the chamber, unless I pushed the de-cocker further up, in the direction of cocking (similar to the slight lift you give it, to open the bolt when it's not cocked). I have not had this problem in .243 though. I am told the bolt head is the same for both these rounds, it certainly extracts OK once the bolt releases and if the bolt head was too long, I suppose the bolt would not be able to close. I ran out of time to swap back to .243 to see if the problem persisted (hooter sounded and had to get back to work!).
    Either way, I need to sort this out. Has anyone else had this problem?



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    Just checked on my .243, when not cocked it needs a slight upward push to release , when cocked it doesn't need to be moved to release. atb Tim

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    Hi Tim,

    Mine has been doing things right when I shoot it with the .243 barrel, it's is as though the bigger bang is sticking it.


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    Hi Alex, I did have a similar sticking problem with my R93, this was caused by some faulty factory ammo, sometimes the primers blew out when this happened. Just to eliminate this try using a different batch. atb Tim

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    I will give it a go, so far I have only used one variety. Looking at the empties, the primers are still flush with base, i am waiting on some 150gn fusion rounds, I have heard the 30-06 barrels like them. I hope they help the situation.


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    My R8 .243 shoots best wth Federal ammunition, although I now reload these are based on the Federal case dimensions and have similar accuraccy. atb Tim

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    Thanks for the help Tim.
    My .243 barrel, shoots the Federal power shock in 100gn best too.



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    i did have this problem with my .243 barrel on my R93 with some factory ammo i got when i purchased the barrel but the 7x57 and 30-06 barrels are fine and they all use the same bolt head
    P.S. the 30-06 loves 165grn sierra soft points but the deer don't

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    Hi D1,

    Thanks for the info, it's actually comforting to know it was just the ammo for you, I've only tried one type so far, so this could be the answer.

    Do you reload, or can you find sierra stuff "ready rolled"?

    Atb Alex

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    The fact is that I would expect the rifle to work with any factory ammo and so would be referring this to whoever you bought it from in the first instance. I've no idea what the service is like now but when Alan Rhone was Blaser agent this would be met with an immediate request to send it in for testing and, if necessary, repair and you'd have your rifle back within the week.
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