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Thread: Ratel stalking rifle

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    Ratel stalking rifle

    Just wanted to thank Mike Norris at Brock and Norris for his meticulous attention to detail in building my new rifle. He spent 6 hours with me yesterday adding the final touches and even giving me an impromptu reloading lesson to ensure the ammo comes up to spec. It is in 7mm-08 and the rifle shoots a 0.302" group at 100m with 139 grain Hornady SST's, annoyingly I am away this weekend so cant yet shoot it myself!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What glass did you put on it Steve? You could ha e used it last week in Thetford!

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    Hi mate, Its a Zeiss conquest in 6.5-20x50. I was hoping to use it on the test at thetford as my .308 needs some down time for refurb.

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    Unfortunately I had been in the workshop from 4.30 am ( i need my bloody bumps felt!) to ensure Steve had his rifle ready to go as it is a long journey up from essex. Even then there is still a lot of detailing neccesary before i am happy to let a rifle go out of the door. It was an absolute pleasure to be able to have steves company for a short time as he was able to see just what goes into a bulid. I was really happy when Steve expressed it was exactly what he wanted and the balance was perfect . I know that he had spent a great deal of time researching and deliberating his specification and was most particular in what he required. I am most pleased that we were able to realise his dream. All I have to do now is finish its twin for delivery next week................ so back to the salt mines for me

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    Thanks again Mike, I am looking forward to trying it out on some Hinds next month


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    now that is a cracking bit of kit, stunning work from brock and norris

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    What stock is on it

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    Nice spec, great looking rifle

    Quote Originally Posted by bri2506 View Post
    What stock is on it

    Adjustable HTG
    Available with adjustable integral cheekpiece.


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    Oooh I like that beautiful looking thing.......

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    May I ask why 7-08? I had the privilege of talking to the Brock and Norris crew at the Midland Game Fair and it seemed that they have gone with heavy .308 bullets from a short barrel at relatively moderate velocities but still getting long range accuracy (they quoted out to 1200m). Will you still get that from 7-08? (forgive my ballistic ignorance).



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