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Thread: Dare I enter these into the photography section

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    Dare I enter these into the photography section

    Here's a couple of pics I took over the weekend with my "Press and Guess Camera" (I've broken the viewfinder). All were from a moving vehicle see if you can guess the Species/sex. I wish I'd taken a good camera because over the weekend I saw tons of Roe Does(it's that time of year) some small groups with yearlings. Half a dozen Roe Bucks. Two Sika Hinds. Three Red Spikers. And 2 young Red Hinds.

    Be amazed by the photographic quality

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    Hi mick,

    love the photos they are still better than mine

    the only luck i get with a camera is bad luck

    my guess is piccy-1 roe doe looks set to drop

    piccy-2 two red spikers , though the one on the right is not that


    Regards cervushunter

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    3 Spikers and the other was one of 2 young Red hinds that stood watching us on the first pass! Lovely looking girls they were too! Stag magnets

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    you were right with the heading
    better luck next time and take a decent camera with you
    but good luck in the future trying to get the pic that counts
    a feeling i know well

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    oh i tought the 1st one was a cwd and the second was a couple of really big muntjac bucks .......yeah i am realy i am

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    It's a miracle we can see

    Is them Sutherland hills?


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    They certainly are I think these 3 are on Skibo estates land. Too expensive for me to shoot, unless they cross the road back into Larachan forest...and they will

    Are you from around those parts? I'd love to buy an old crofters cottage up there but my wife would kill me She says after a few days out in the wild it'd be like "The Shining"

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    ive got a cracking camera for sale in the sale section haha! Would do you a fantastic job

    Cracking pics mate, shame about the camera. Good effort tho 8)

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    here's the other one,

    Yes I'm from around that way, I remember you said your dad lived in Bonar, that's where my local shops are

    What you doing in Larachan woods, isn't;t that Charlies land?


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    Yeah it is Charlies You have PM

    The house is full of cameras but I daren't use any of them for fear of breaking them

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