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Thread: Sika Rut

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    Sika Rut

    Has anyone heard any whistling yet? I'm head down to my uncle's ground in Dorset in October for a weekend and was wondering if there was any activity.


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    I dont no about the south of England mate but in the north of scotland where i live they have been rutting hard for 2 to 3 weeks.

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    There is a very limited amount of whistling going on here in the north of Ireland with lots of wallows and the like. However many of the deer are just clean and are still changing from summer coats and I really don't think that there is any actual rut activity going on. I was out on Monday and again last night and on Monday there were a lot of deer moving about in awful weather whereas last night (big moon might have been a factor) there was nothing moving at all. If it doesn't go like last year where it just didn't really happen then I think it will be another little while before there is much steady activity here.
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    Kicked off big time in the Borders, my mates have shot six stags in the last two days. Whistling well this morning also.
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    FC Contractors have said it has "Started" around my way, Reds roaring and Sika being called in to the whistle.

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    Thanks for the reply's chaps, fingers crossed that they are active down there and I have a chance of a shot.

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