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Thread: Roe numbers in Wiltshire.

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    Roe numbers in Wiltshire.

    An experienced stalker mentioned to me that he believes the local roe population is approaching the level were it may become unsustainable. He puts this down to the increase in legitimate stalking, more poaching and succession of bad summers and a couple of hard winters.
    I know populations differ from area to area, but there are certainly seem to be roe fewer around my part of the county. A local game dealer has also been told by several of his suppliers that they will be reducing their doe cull this winter due to there being less deer on the ground.
    How are roe faring elsewhere? Would it help if the doe season revert to finishing at the end of February? Some of my landowners view deer as pests, and wouldn't condone voluntary restraint etc.
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    It certainly has been lean around here, I have seen six bucks on all the areas I go all season.

    On the plus side I have seen many many twins late this summer, but I agree that they need to be left alone for a year or two to replenish, and we need to catch the poachers who plague all around this area of the county.

    There are pockets I know of, nowhere near quick escape routes for vans, where the population is unsustainably high so I do believe the poachers have an enormous effect.

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    Yep agree with your post! I think the winter of 2010/11 when the snow came in november has been a major factor in the decline of numbers.There are a lot of causual stalkers now with small parcels of ground which may have been a safe haven for them but the stalker now nails the deer in case it steps onto x's ground! That in the long run might have an effect the numbers of medal heads. Agricultral machinery is taking stacks of kids out, my son works for a local contractor that has a mower with a 50 foot cut! I also think poaching is on the up. Time now for the deer to have wing mirrors fitted I think!!

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    Probably the result of many factors. Cold winters have definitely had an effect. Venison prices have gone up significantly, as has demand for venison. People are still trying to shoot the same amount despite this! Cull should be based on cull plans which relate to actual deer numbers!
    You can only shoot them once!!!!!!!!!

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    I think your right MS the roe we've had in the past 18 months have all been down on weight as well

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    Not sure that it is as bad as has been talked about as recently I have been offered 100 Roe a month by two individual stalkers who I guess are go betweens for other stalkers,but one of them was from Wiltshire,these may well be the people that are paying poachers for their deer though in fairness,I only wish that I had the wherewithal to take them off them mind.Roe do tend to disappear from time to time and what with the rut finishing a bit later round here the Bucks are just now coming out and being seen again.


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