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Thread: German S&B 6 x 42 1" - Ret 4 - Scope for sale:

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    German S&B 6 x 42 1" - Ret 4 - Scope for sale:

    Having had this on my .223 for a few months its been upgraded by another for foxing / dusk Muntjack shooting. I have decided that i would like something a little bigger in Obj to meet these needs.

    The scope itself is in really good condition with obvious wear (small scuff marks where rings have been on it, it does have its S&B covers (rubber ones) but the previous owner saw fit to shave off the bottom of the Obj cover as the scope probably sat tight to their rifle, so although still intact as a cover it has been changed. The ret is 4, and it is finished in gloss - this has never phased me in the slighest (i know some like the matt finish so thought i should mention). It does have a very big plus...i've recently recieved it back from S&B in Germany as i sent it over via a local RFD for its 'S&B once in a life time full service' where it has had its seals renewed, lens's cleaned and polished and been re-gassed FOC! but shipping cost me it's now just as good as the the brand new German 8 x 56 S&B it has replaced. oh and its boxed!

    I'm asking for 350 ono as i know this is probably the best used 6 x 42 about!

    If interested PM me for pic's with email addresses please - Or i could be interested in a swap for a very decent pair of bino's for stalking of the same value or a cash difference each way -

    Thanks -


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    Still for sale guys,

    Trying to find some low optilocks to go with -

    they are here somewhere ~


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    Right only going to drop the price once as if it doesn't sell, it'll be put away awaiting me putting a variation in for either a 30-06 or .270 in a year or so for fallow work,

    So i'm reducing it to 300 + 4% if paying by Paypal to cover fees + Post 12 insured. Not going to go any lower than that so please dont ask! Cant find my optilocks -


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