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Thread: Stalker in need

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    Stalker in need

    Hello Everyone

    Due to problems beyond my control my booked stalking this week has been cancelled at the last minute could anyone let me know if they have any availability for Red or Sika stags this coming week as ive got the week off and no where to go ?


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    Hi 375 mag try Mike at Jelen Deer Service I know he has some nice sika stalking. PM me if you want his number

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    Might help if you were slightly more specific with your Location rather than just 'England'????

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    Bit ****e Nigel I hope you get fixed up somewhere . Plenty of good guys on here so you should be ok.

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    Cheers Snowy
    i've pm a few but no reply's as yet

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    Ive got one or two stalks on Reds Nigel , also got one or two asking about them tho
    Zeiss Pro Stalker and Agent for Starlght Night Vision

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    also have had a cancellation. Red deer high ground stalking available mon to fri this week . Location west of scotland ardnamurchan peninsular , near fort william pm or contact 01855841205

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