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Thread: 30-06 or 270 whats the flatest round?

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    30-06 or 270 whats the flatest round?

    hi folks

    i'm after a new stalking rifle and have the above 2 calibers in mind. which has the flatest round and is there any benifits in one caliber over the other?

    i am going to use the rifle mainly for open hill stalking.

    many thanks


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    The difference at under 150m in trajectory is so small as to be negligable. But I will let the balilstic experts give you all the stats. 30-06 has a certain something, but do test fire both, in various different rifles - both have a bit of a kick to them in light rifles.

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    Ally, the flattest round, will depend on a number of factors, including bullet weight, type, what range you are zeroed at, and how far you want it to be flat to etc

    Example a 30-06 is going to be flatter shooting a 125gn bullet than a 270 shooting a 150gn bullet.

    The most common loads are the 270 using a 130gn bullet vs the 30-06 using a 165g or 180gn bullet (although 150/155 are also common).

    The lighter bullets for calibre are flatter initially, but they loose their momentum quicker than a heavier bullet, also the lighter bullets tend to be more affected by wind.

    You also need to consider the way they behave on impact if a short range shot presents itself, a lighter faster bullet can expand too quickly as the impact velocity is still very quick.

    In real terms they are both great calibres, and its a case of you reaching a balance that will suit your individual stalking best. The balistic differences between the 2 are almost negligable in real terms until you reach 3-400yds+

    Hope that helps

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    the difference between these two and many other popular stalking chamberings is so small to not matter one jot out to 200yds.

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    Very true !
    Correct placement of the shot with a well designed hunting bullet at a sensible distance is the answer.


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    After come years of (recreational) hill-stalking, I came to the conclusion that it was probably not without reason that .270 was for many years the standard hill-stalking cartridge. I now have a .270.

    As remarked, however, 'flatness' depends in absolute terms on bullet ballistic coefficient and weight and its muzzle velocity; and in relative terms on the way you set your sight.

    I got a .270 stainless/synthetic to replace a similar 6.5x55 for the hill. I could have gone for .30-06 or 7x64 or something, but I already have a (wood and blue) .308, and cases/cartridges for .270 are much commoner than 7x64.

    My summary would be that between .30-06 and .270 there probably isn't a whole heap in it, given the wide range of bullets/loads you can get for both.

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    unless you plan on chucking larger round above 150gr the 270 does all you need

    the 06 comes into its own when looking for heavier loads

    flat shooting rounds are a myth unless you are firing sub 50gr at 4000+fps

    pretty much ALL popular stalking calibres shoot within an inch or so of each other at 100 200 and even out to 300

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    Depends on what you want to shoot if one day you decide on going to shoot some pigs or plains game i'd go for the 30-06 cos you can go over 200 grns with your bullet wieght if you need to

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    I went the 30:06 route, simply as it gives a wider range of bullet weights, so i can go for boar one day. I am finding the trajectory of my 30:06 and 243 are incredibly similar in the ranges i shoot out to. The 243 is running 100gn and the 30:06 165gn and both are point and press. I am no expert, but really happy. I now have two matching rifles so safety's and everything else feels totally natural with both rifles. Different scopes make the easy to tell apart however.

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    i have a 270 and 300 win mag both great rounds but the 270 is my go to rifle i have shot fox munties cwd roe red sika fallow boar goats moose all with the 270 and thats why its the first rifle in the car

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