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Thread: Knowing your deer

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    Knowing your deer

    I am very lucky that i have a particularly good buck in one of the woods i stalk,so whilst stalking this wood im trying to help him out by taking out any unwelcome incomers.
    Saturday morning saw me in a mexican standoff situation with one of the said incomers (lucky i was wearing a face mask ) we where stood face to face 10yds so got a good look at him before he took flight.
    I returned to the same spot yesterday, i had only hunted 50yds before spotting a buck,almost immediately i noticed it was not the same deer i expected to find,but still uninvited,he showed a typical reaction to a heart shot charging off head down, a good find for my trusted hound and probably her last for a while as she is due to whelp in the next week
    Ironically the buck was lying dead beside a badly frayed spruce sappling


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    spot on 8)

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    Cracking pic! I noticed a lot of bark frayed from some young trees the other day. One had a lot of sap oozing from it, I wonder if the deer will return to this spot regularly to feed from it...mmmm

    I would it smelt lovely

    She's a lovely dog. Do you take her out with you or do you leave her in the car? What do you do to keep the bell quiet?

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    She is always with me,more often than not indicating deer well before i have spotted them. She only wears the bell when sent to find a shot deer, so its kept quiet in my pocket stuffed with a lump of bog roll


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    Nice one Nell.................'M'

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    Interesting story nell and a nice picture.


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